The company “Yugtrade” is a wholesale supplier of sunflower meal, wheat bran, barley, wheat and other agricultural products since 2003.
Over the years, our company not only mastered several areas of sales and gained experience of holding a strong position in the market under difficult economic circumstances.
The basis for the development of the company based on high quality standards, strong partnerships, and attention to new ideas. We value each our client, so it is always orientirueshsya for a long term relationship and are responsive to counter-proposals. We do, it is important for partners to succeed with us.
We invite to cooperation of new customers!
The company conducts wholesale supply in the following areas:
– Supply of agricultural products to the markets of the Marmara and Mediterranean seas;
Our key benefits:
Direct supply of high-quality agricultural products from the best manufacturers in the southern Federal district;
Ready to make shipment from the ports of the South of Russia;
Years of experience;
Proven and effective schemes of cooperation with wholesale and retail customers;
The possibility of delivery of goods on special order;
Significant discounts for regular customers.
We believe that business should be built on mutual respect, honesty and transparency of intentions. Openly discussing the conditions of cooperation, we find solutions that benefit both parties, it is to this interaction that we invite our partners and customers!